Yes. Finally after more than a month, HDB finally replied me to waive that $100 fine for parking in the loading/unloading bay for less that 5 minutes. Thank god… From now on, lesson learned is to park in the carpark. Want to put coupon or not is up to you. List compiled from my experience:

  • Park with overdue coupon is like $6-10 dollars.
  • Park without is like $30.
  • Overnight parking is $50 or $60 i think. There are disputes about only night parking coupons are allowed or if using regular $1X2 or $0.50X4 will do. I believe nowadays they only allow the yellow coupons
  • Parking in loading/unloading bay $100
  • Parking on double yellow line $100
  • Parking in the handicap lot? $300 or 500 + demerit points I heard. Never do that.
  • And of course the most recent incident. Parking with tampered coupon. They just need to suspect you only. URA will slap you with a $1500 fine. They will also send wardens to guard your car for 24 hours waiting for you to collect your car before towing it away. You can appeal, and they will take you to court.

So conclusion of my findings will be, just park in the designated lots and put at least one coupon and don’t do anymore stunts. I guess theres more but this is all I have experienced recently.

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